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Egypt on edge after "Friday of Rage"

Egypt on edge after "Friday of Rage"
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The morning after the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Friday of Rage”, Egypt counts its dead following bitter clashes between supporters and opponents of ousted President Mohamed Mursi. At least 30 died and more than 1,000 were wounded.

Tension reigns as the former president’s supporters call for his return. Anti-Mursi protesters feel they are continuing the spirit of the uprising against Hosni Mubarack in 2011.

“Our demands have been met but the Brotherhood’s demands haven’t. And their demand is blood, while our demands are bread, freedom and social justice,” explained one opposition activist.

The 6th of October bridge, close to Tahrir Square, in Cairo was at the heart of the clashes.

Pro and anti Morsi demonstrators threw stones and fireworks at each other. In Alexandria similar scenes were played out as people took to the streets. Burnt tyres littered the streets, and barricades stood around the city.

Mursi’s removal continues to divide the nation, deepening the political crisis. New elections are expected within the year, but an interim prime minister could be named as early as Saturday.