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Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood "shot at us," says protester

Cairo: Muslim Brotherhood "shot at us," says protester
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Thousands of Mohamed Mursi supporters were out on the streets of Cairo on Friday, calling for the ousted president to be reinstated.

The clashes that broke out left them feeling angry and frustrated.

Stones, fireworks and other items were thrown during the trouble that engulfed the 6th October bridge, close to Tahrir Square.

Mursi’s opponents claim say they were set upon by the president’s backers.

“They came from the 6th of October bridge. They beat us and shot at us. We were demonstrating here peacefully. They are from the Muslim Brotherhood. Look at the empty bullets,” said one anti-Mursi demonstrator.

The Muslim Brotherhood says it will not work with the new military-backed leadership. Morsi’s supporters say the armed forces have wrecked Egypt’s democracy.

Euronews correspondent Mohammed Shaikhibrahim, in Cairo, said: “The Muslim Brotherhood crowds arrived here, in the heart of the capital, where the distance that separated them and the demonstrators in Tahrir Square is a matter of metres. That’s what caused the clashes.”