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Egypt: deadly clashes in Cairo

Egypt: deadly clashes in Cairo
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At least three people have been killed and several wounded in Cairo outside the Republican guard barracks where deposed president Mohamed Mursi is being held.

A group of around 2,000 protesters had been marching towards the barracks in the Egyptian capital following Friday prayers at the nearby Rabaa al-Adaiwya mosque.

Security forces initially confirmed three people had been killed in the clashes,however they later denied responsibility, saying that they had only used tear gas, blank rounds and water cannons.

A witness said that during the clash he saw several people fall to the ground wounded by shotgun fire.

The army had said that protests would be allowed to go ahead but they would be forced to intervene should any threat to national security arise.

Pro-Mursi demonstrations have been held in cities across Egypt in what the Muslim Brotherhood called “a Friday of Rage”.