Muted Middle East reactions to move against Mursi

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Muted Middle East reactions to move against Mursi

Muted Middle East reactions to move against Mursi
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Governments in the Middle East have reacted with caution to the dramatic events in Egypt .

Most are keeping their counsel prefering to wait until the dust settles.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas, in effect established by the Muslim Brotherhood, played straight saying it wanted stability in Egypt “regardless of who is in charge”.

Ordinary Gazans fear for the fate of Egypt.

One man in Gaza City had a grim assessment: “Egypt will become like Syria. Egypt is lost, completely lost. The same thing that took place in Syria will take place in Egypt because the brotherhood will not give up power and it will turn into civil war.”

In the West Bank, the leader of the Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abbas urged Palestinians not to interfere in Egypt, seen as a tacit blessing for the army’s move.

Hanan Ashwari, a member of the PLO executive committee, added: “We believe the Egyptian people have demonstrated a strength of will, determination and self-confidence, to be able to challenge any form of oppression, any form of autocratic government, and to assert their will publicly and to affect real change.”

Israel has remained mainly silent on the issue, the government declining to comment.

One confidant of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said hopes were high that Israel would soon be able to restore the largely frozen contacts between Israel and Egypt.

Retired Israeli general Giora Eiland was asked on Israel Radio if Israeli leaders were pleased with the move against Mursi, she replied: “I think so. Of course they cannot say so.”