Violence in Cairo as the president defies army ultimatum

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Violence in Cairo as the president defies army ultimatum

Violence in Cairo as the president defies army ultimatum
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Violence has erupted in Cairo as the clock ticked down on an army ultimatum for President Mohammed Mursi to agree a power-sharing deal or face a military-takeover.

In response Egypt’s first democratically elected president went on television to reject calls for him to stand down.

Egypt’s state-run newspaper Al Ahram says that President Mursi will either resign or be replaced later today.

Following Mursi’s speech clashes broke out between his supporters and police outside Cairo University.

At least 16 people died with 200 injured.

Those opposed to Mursi packed Tahrir Square and continued their calls for him to leave office:

“He wants to kill his people, he wants to turn it into Syria. We say no Mursi, we are all Egyptians. And of he makes it bloody, we will give our blood until the end,” said one anti-government protester.

“We will never kill each other, we will remain hand in hand all the way until judgement day and we have God who is bigger than Musri and bigger than Sisi the army chief. If Sisi remains idle watching this we will die and the country will go up in flames.”

It is believed the army has a plan to install an interim council composed of civilians from all political groups to run the country until an amended constitution is drafted.

Our correspondent in Cairo Mohammed Shaikhibrahim said:

“Both sides have shown their strength with marches over the last few days, now comes the violence and Egyptians see it as the beginning of the end.”