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Sectarian killings escalate in Iraq

Sectarian killings escalate in Iraq
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A bloody start to July in Iraq as
Shi’ite mourners begin to bury their dead following Tuesday’s violence in Baghdad.

The first two days of July has seen more than 100 people die in the country as the recent rise in sectarian killing continues to escalate.

A United Nations report claims that 2,500 people have been died in attacks since April.

Political tensions have split the country as the Sunni minority rages against the Shi’ite-led government of Nouri-al-Maliki.

Most of the attacks have been carried out by minority Sunnis against their Shi’ite compatriots.

Tuesday’s car bomb attack in Tobchi, a Shi’ite district of Baghdad, was witnessed by a teenage boy:

“The driver could not get through the checkpoint. There was a long queue of cars waiting to get through, so he blew his car up in the queue, he damaged around 15 vehicles.”

The vast majority of those killed in the latest spate of violence are civilians with the worst affected region being the capital Baghdad.