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Snowden applies for political asylum in Russia

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Snowden applies for political asylum in Russia
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Wanted whistleblower Edward Snowden has reportedly applied for political asylum in Russia. The fugitive made his request in a Moscow airport, where he has been hiding since fleeing Hong Kong last week.

Russia had been keen for Snowden to move on, as it is coming under fire from America for harbouring one of its most wanted. The two countries have told their security services to sort out the standoff
before it does lasting damage, and President Putin has given his clearest sign yet that he wants the affair resolved.

“If Snowden wants to stay here there is one condition. He must stop his work aimed at harming our American partners.”

In Germany, coalition partners the Greens are furious more has not been done by Europe to make Snowden welcome. In fact, he should be honoured.

“The Green’s parliamentary leader said that Snowden was very welcome here. I think that’s very good. I also think the suggestion he should be given the Sakharov prize is very good,” said party leader Claudia Roth.

In Ecuador all had been ready to welcome Snowden after it accepteded his asylum request last week. The government there was vilified in the American press for granting him refuge. Why Snowden has changed his mind remains a mystery.