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Thousands urge Egypt's President Mursi to resign

Thousands urge Egypt's President Mursi to resign
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It is no happy anniversary for Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi as thousands of people have gathered in Cairo to urge him to step down.

Just one year into office, the president faces a challenge to his rule that some in the opposition are calling ‘a second revolution’ in Tahrir Square, the birthplace of the 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak.

“We elected him so that he would provide security, to provide food, to provide electricity, and petrol and all of these other things. The necessities. But after one year in power and years after the revolution he hasn’t provided anything. He hasn’t done anything. We have to bring down the entire Muslim Brotherhood, not just Morsi,” explained protester Ahmed Shawqi in Tahrir Square.

Mursi’s opponents claim he has advanced the Islamist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood at the expense of the country’s progress.

Around 22 million have signed a petition calling for his resignation, according to the opposition. Morsi has said he will not resign.

Tensions are running high in the capital and similar demonstrations are being held across the country.

Clashes in the run-up to the mass protest have left at least seven dead and 600 wounded.

The army have warned they will intervene should matters get out of control.