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Egyptians gather for mass anti-government protests

Egyptians gather for mass anti-government protests
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Egypt is braced for a day of mass protest as hundreds of thousands of Egyptians attempt to unseat their freely elected president, Mohammed Mursi.

Tahrir Square in Cairo, the focal point of the movement that brought about the fall of Hosni Mubarak, is once again alive with the sound of revolution.

“Mursi has cheated us, we are sick of him, we have lost our young sons because of him. He has left nothing of beauty in the country and we ask him to go,” said one irate protestor.

Another wants the Egyptian government to hear the concerns of the people:

“The Egyptian people are fed up and they should let it be known. Millions will take to the streets and he should listen to our demands.”

Opposition activists say as many as 22 million Egyptians have signed a petition calling for a snap election.

Euronews correspondent in Cairo is Mohammed Shaikhibrahim:

“It is a critical night here, a night for gathering and preparing by millions of opposition protesters. It is a night many see as a potential turning point for Egypt.”

Protesters have been infuriated by the policies of the Islamist president and his Muslim Brotherhood partners.