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Iran's Rohani hints moderation over extremism

Iran's Rohani hints moderation over extremism
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Iran’s president-elect Hassan Rohani has said he will appoint ministers from across its political spectrum as Iranian voters had chosen a path of moderation over extremism.

In a live televised address, he also called for a balance between “realism” and pursuing the ideals of the Islamic Republic.

“People have indicated that they want change and evolution. The best language of the people is the ballot box and the elections. The future government must operate in the framework of moderation,” he added.

“The next cabinet will work to choose the most qualified people from all sides and factions, under conditions of moderation and temperance,” Rohani said.

Rohani will take office in early August but his win has already lifted hopes of a thaw in Iran’s relationship with the West that might defuse its nuclear dispute with world powers.