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Workers release boss from China factory

Workers release boss from China factory
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Workers at a factory in China have set their boss free. He had been detained by them for almost a week in a dispute over pay.

American businessman Chip Starnes paid off the workers who held him hostage in the factory he founded close to Beijing. After walking free he said the workers had, “barricaded” him and that his experience has been “humiliating” and “embarrassing”. Some employees claimed they had not been paid for two months.

Chu Lixiang, from the Huairou District Labour Union, said the workers were happy the dispute had been resolved.

“The mass labour dispute incident for this factory has been resolved. Both sides have come to an agreement through joint efforts made by Mr. Starnes and the workers’ side. The results have turned out to be satisfactory,” she explained.

Mr. Starnes said he intends to keep the factory open. The incident highlights the widespread lack of trust between employees and their employers in China where it is not uncommon for angry workers to hold their boss captive according to lawyers.