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RED 2: Willis and co. retire from retirement - again

RED 2: Willis and co. retire from retirement - again
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Bruce Willis, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren are back in RED 2.

Willis stars as a former black-ops CIA agent who cannot seem to stay retired.

Anthony Hopkins plays Edward Bradley, a man who helped set up a Cold War project to smuggle a nuclear weapon into Russia.

Willis said the whole cast was delighted to be working with Hopkins: “The day that we found out that Anthony was going to do the film I was like, ‘Hey!’. Everybody was very excited – Dean too. Dean [Parisot]was our director and is a very low key guy but he was very, very excited that we got Tony and then we got Catherine Zeta Jones and Byung-hun Lee and the other assorted kooks and characters who are in this film. We’re all so happy to watch Tony work and there were times when we just went… I kind of stopped acting and I was just a fan for few moments on the set.”

Helen Mirren – also an Oscar winner – reprised her role as Victoria, who has given up retirement and is back in the assassination business.

She was delighted to return and said: “When I heard that they were in part thinking of a sequel I was absolutely over the moon. I thought, clear my diary, I don’t know when it’s going, but just clear my diary, I want to be available for that.”

RED 2 opens in the UK at the beginning of August.