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Sandra Bullock stars in cop comedy The Heat

Sandra Bullock stars in cop comedy The Heat
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Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy have teamed up to take on the male-dominated buddy cop film genre in The Heat, directed by Paul Feig of Bridesmaids fame.

Bullock plays a by-the-book FBI agent alongside McCarthy as a renegade Boston cop.

The two spoke about the film at the premiere in New York.

Bullock said: “I think for comedy it’s brilliant because you need to have – you need to have an element of danger, seriousness – to really execute good comedy and cops are funny. I mean, when you’re doing what you do yet everything else is falling apart it lends itself to good comedy, so I will keep playing cops as long as they keep writing great comedies.”

McCarthy said her character in the film is completely different to her real-life personality: “It’s such a fun character to play because I am not that bold or brave – maybe bold, I’ll stick with that – in my life to just say or do kind of anything that comes into your head. I have lots of thoughts but I try very hard not to have them come out of my mouth!”

Bullock said the duo underwent a personality swap for the film.

“I’m the one who’s got the truck driver mouth,” she laughed. “She’s like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Everything is girly and flowery and she doesn’t curse. I don’t curse around my son anymore but I’ve dropped F bombs around her daughters that are like, ‘Sandy?’ I’m like, ‘Uh’. So we basically played each other in the film.”

The Heat goes on general release in the UK at the end of July.