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Ecuador to 'take time' to consider Snowden asylum request

Ecuador to 'take time' to consider Snowden asylum request
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Ecuador says it will take “due time” to make a decision on Edward Snowden’s asylum request and will do so based on human rights considerations.

The former US intelligence contractor, who is fleeing American authorities, is thought to be still in Russia after leaving Hong Kong.

On a visit to Vietnam, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño said Snowden would not face a fair trial at home.

He described the secret American spy operations exposed by the fugitive as a rights abuse against the whole world.

“You have to wonder who has betrayed whom. Are some people not loyal, especially to their fellow citizens and the rest of humanity for revealing risks and dangers that threaten us all?” he asked.

It was thought that Snowden, who fears persecution in the US after being accused of espionage, would leave Moscow for Quito via Havana.

The first plane was scheduled to leave early in the afternoon but on board there was no trace of the former National Security Agency contractor.

The US has revoked Snowden’s passport and wants Russia to hand him over.