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Turkish Germans hold anti-Erdogan protests in Cologne

Turkish Germans hold anti-Erdogan protests in Cologne
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Tens of thousands of German Turks have been demonstrating in Cologne.

The march was organised by Germany’s Alevi community to show their solidarity with activists in Turkey and to call for the resignation of Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan.

The Secretary General of the Alevi community, Ali Dogan, says he doesn’t believe Erdogan can change.

“He has been using a rhetoric of violence for eleven years now and he is inciting people against each other so that we must fear a civil war. Such behaviour is unworthy of a prime minister and that’s why he has to go.”

The Alevi community are Shi’ite Muslims who say they lack the same religious rights as Erdogan’s Sunni majority.

Organisers of the demonstration say as many as 80,000 people took part although police refused to confirm the exact numbers.

Meanwhile, tensions between the leaders of the two countries continue. Turkey and Germany’s foreign ministers crossed paths at a meeting in Qatar to talk about Syria.The German Foreign Minister described tensions between the two as ‘undeniable.’

Berlin has blocked moves to continue talks on Turkey’s EU membership. Ankara accuses it of trying to win votes at home at Turkey’s expense.