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Orange alert for France, while Spain clears up flood damage

Orange alert for France, while Spain clears up flood damage
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Parts of France are on orange alert as savage storms leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

The South-west region is on storm watch, as the unseasonal tempest-like weather claims its third life. A 54-year-old woman drowned in her car in the Landes.

Overnight a mini-tornado struck the Cote D’or region laying waste to 60 houses and leaving 15,000 homes without electricity.

In the French Pyrenees, flash floods showed no mercy sweeping away all in their path.

One resident of Saint-Laurent-de-Neste explains the level of damage. Pointing to a derelict plot in front of him he says, “Over there, used to stand a building with two apartments and another house just next to it. Nearby there were two chalets. We can see only a tiny part remains,” he explained. Pointing to an empty space across the river he says, “Just there used to be an historic bridge.”

Wine producers say this year’s harvest was ruined in a matter of minutes after giant hail stones hit vineyards on Monday.

French President Francois Hollande is travelling to the French Pyrenees to inspect the damage, which will run into the hundreds of millions.

Across the border in Spain, residents in the Aran Valley near the Garona river began the massive clean-up task as the 300 evacuated returned to their homes.

They still remain without drinking water and rely on emergency supplies.