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Turkey's passive resistance protests spread

Turkey's passive resistance protests spread
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What began as a lone protest has rapidly expanded into hundreds standing silently in city centres across Turkey.

Dubbed ‘duran adam’ or the “standing man” protest, the new form of defiance has been fuelled by Twitter and other social media as a mute gesture of resistance.

After nearly three weeks of clashes with riot police, anti-government demonstrators appear not to be heeding a ban on public gatherings.

Protester Harun Naci was among many vowing never to give up :
“Our resistance will continue until victory. We would like to save Turkey’s freedom and keep it for the future. Because of that we will be here today, tomorrow, and every day until we are exhausted.”

“That’s actually, that’s what we’re doing here for 20 days. We are not violent, no slang words have come out of our mouths so that’s the right way, peaceful protest is a good way,” added fellow protester Ege Ada.

But the Turkish police are still arresting activists. Around 90 were detained on Tuesday in the first big clampdown since Saturday’s forced clear out of protesters from Istanbul’s Taksim Square.