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Iranians see Rohani win as potential game-changer

Iranians see Rohani win as potential game-changer
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The Iranian people have delivered a shock result in the country’s presidential election, massively throwing their weight behind the relatively moderate candidate Hassan Rohani.

His outright victory, without the need for a second round is a veritable political earthquake, and on the streets of Tehran some are seeing it as payback for the events of four years ago.

“Despite the things that happened after the 2009 elections and the
bad feeling that the people had, they decided to vote and they
showed that they can change the current situation with reforms.”

“Threatening the outside world and adopting policies that could trigger tension and policies that could lead to the sanctions becoming more serious and more dangerous should be given up. On the other
hand, we must admit that the next president is the president of the
‘Islamic Republic’, with all its properties. He can’t be the leader of reforms or the opposition leader.”

The earth may be moving under the mullah’s feet in Iran, but the clerics still hold ultimate power. But Rohani’s win is more than that; it is a triumph. The mullahs may feel they will ignore the people’s will at their peril.