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Greek PM Samaras offers partial re-opening of ERT

Greek PM Samaras offers partial re-opening of ERT
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Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras offered to partially re-open state broadcaster ERT – after a public and political outcry over the government’s abrupt closure of the channel.

At a meeting of the New Democracy Youth, comprised of young members of his party, Samaras defended a radical restructuring of the channel, as being in the interests of the country:

“The mandate given to us by the people is to change everything and overcome the murky waters that have led Greece to the crisis it’s in. There’s not to be negotiation on this mandate,” Samaras told supporters.

The PASOK and Democratic Left parties, Samaras’ junior coalition partners, rejected his concessionary move.

In Athens, hundreds of city musicians joined ERT’s orchestra in a huge concert – all playing the same tune…save the channel.