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US considers no-fly zone in Syria

US considers no-fly zone in Syria
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The US is considering a no-fly zone over Syria. With its confirmation that chemical weapons have been used, the White House is planning to arm rebel groups.

A no-fly zone could be established near the Jordanian border to help the rebels, in what would be the first direct military involvement by the US in Syria.

However, France says this would require Security Council approval. Russia could veto such a measure.

The Kremlin has yet to respond officially, but a lawmaker close to the government said that Washington had fabricated chemical weapons evidence to justify entering the war.

Nato and the EU both remained cautious over the US reports. Nato Chief Anders Fogh Rasmussen reiterated that use of chemical weapons is in breach of international law.

“It is urgent that the Syrian regime should grant access to the United Nations to investigate all the reports of chemical weapon use (…) I still believe that the right way forward is a political solution,” he explained.

Damascus has said that Washington’s proof of chemical weapons is a ‘caravan of lies’, and that arming rebels is a ‘flagrant double standard’ in how it deals with terrorism.