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Syria: red lines but few solutions, US no-fly zone idea shot down

Syria: red lines but few solutions, US no-fly zone idea shot down
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America has been quick to act when game changing ‘red lines’ were crossed in Syria.

Confirmation that chemical weapons had been used by Damascus, saw the US drawing up plans for arming the rebels and a no-fly zone.

Now the White House says there will be no boots on the ground, and a no-fly zone would be costly and complicated to set up.

In New York, UN chief Ban Ki-moon is urging Western powers not to escalate military options. He is still hopeful that postponed Geneva talks will take place in July.

“Providing arms to either side would not address this current situation. There is no such military solution. Only political solution can address this issue sustainably,” explained the UN Secretary-General.

Moscow has scoffed at America’s claims of conclusive proof that Assad is using chemical weapons such as sarin gas against his own people.

Chairman of International Affairs Committee of Russian State Duma Alexei Pushkov said:

“How can we believe unsubstantiated claims based on some US intelligence data? I think that after the Iraqi precedent it has become absolutely impossible. Secondly, why would the Assad government use sarin against rebels on a small scale, as the Americans said, on a small scale? What’s the military rationale? There is none.”

The topic will be raised when world powers meet at the G8 held in the UK next week.

Whether military or diplomatic all sides are hoping for a swift end to the conflict which has claimed at least 93,000 lives.