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Sony undercuts Microsoft in console battle

Sony undercuts Microsoft in console battle
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Gamers’ ground zero is the Electronic Entertainment Expo currently on in Los Angeles and it was the arena for Sony and Microsoft to go head to head.

In an aggressive move Sony said it is pricing its new PlayStation 4 substantially below its rival’s Xbox One. It will cost $100 less in the US.

The Japanese company also said its console will run second-hand games and will not require an always-on internet connection, unlike Microsoft’s.

That got a thumbs up on the gaming blogs and allowed Sony to crow.

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America said: “I think PlayStation is synonymous with gaming, that’s our DNA. We’ve always put the consumer first and obviously we’re a for profit company, we’re in business to make money, but if you make the consumers happy they’ll respond with loyalty. And I really think we focused on that consumer value from the first PlayStation we put out there and we never wavered from that.”

The markets reacted in a similar way to the gamers. Sony’s shares rose, Microsoft’s fell.

Both companies are hoping their latest offerings will attract new fans and retain users who are increasingly playing games on smartphones and other mobile devices.

Both will have their consoles in the shops before the year end holidays.