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'This Is The End' hits cinemas

'This Is The End' hits cinemas
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‘This Is The End’ promises to be the most spiritually uplifting, drug-and-chocolate-bar-drenched, end-of-the-world movie of all time. Directed by Seth Rogen, the cast – which is primarily made up of his funniest friends – play extreme versions of themselves, as the apocalypse closes in around them.

For Rogen, it was an opportunity to finally bring to life a project which has been in the pipeline for many years: “Our buddy was at USC film school in 2006 and me and Jay (Baruchel) made a short film with him and Evan Goldberg. It was about two guys stuck in the house together as the world was ending and it always just seemed like a fun idea to us and I kicked it around for years and years and years and slowly it kind of evolved into this movie.”

As the earth swallows up everything surrounding the house the protagonists are trapped in, Jonah Hill crows about his Oscar nomination, James Franco explores his sexuality and the gentle Michael Cera is re-imagined as a cocaine-fuelled sex pest. The axe-wielding Emma Watson needed just one look at the script before she signed up. As the Harry Potter star explains: “I remember just reading it and thinking ‘this is hilarious.’ This is the most crazy, absurd premise of a story that I’ve ever heard and I have to do it.”

‘This Is The End’, in all its glory, is in cinemas across Europe later this month.