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Spotlight on Rome in Italian local elections

Spotlight on Rome in Italian local elections
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It is the second day of Italy’s local elections, but it appears weary voters have had their fill of politics, as turnout looks to be heading for a record low.

Centre-left Prime Minister Enrico Letta is hoping for a boost for his Democratic Party, while observers are awaiting confirmation that support for the maverick Five Star movement may have peaked, and is in decline. It fared poorly in the first round at the end of May.

The right’s Gianni Alemanno is struggling to fend off a strong PD challenge in Rome. If the right were to lose the capital to the left it would be a severe blow, and the PD’s Ignazio Marino has a solid first-round lead going into today’s voting.

After 75% of Italians voted in February’s general election, only some 34% had voted in the local polls at the end of the first day.