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Turkey: Revolution Museum

Turkey: Revolution Museum
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In Taksim square, central Istanbul, protesters are still camped out, surrounded by remnants of their previous nights rioting.

They have been here so long they have now set up their own “Revolution Museum” to record their fight.

Set up in a warehouse, photos provide evidence of their last few nights.

Activists see this as a light-hearted way to look at something serious. One of the protesters said: “It is a bit of a joke and also a statement. We think we have made something good. The Revolution Museum is here and all are welcome.”

Visitors can leave their own contributions, though not all are convinced, one visitor saying that she felt the museum could do with more organisation.

Alongside the photographs and graffiti are other exhibits, including various bits of police armour claimed during the scuffles the museum is based on.

Our correspondent in Turkey, Bora Bayraktar, concluded: “Though the protests in Taksim have just begun, a museum has already been built. The Revolution Museum fully reflects the spirit of events in Taksim. Entrance is free – but there is only one problem: it has only one gate.”