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The Altimeter Group's new way for companies to fly high

The Altimeter Group's new way for companies to fly high
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Jeremiah Owyang, Partner, Altimeter Group

Altimeter Group was named as one of 2010’s “Five Most Creative Small Businesses” by Fast Company. They provide research and advice for companies challenged by business disruptions, helping them seek new opportunities by doing business differently.

Jeremiah Owyang believes “The Sharing Economy” is already having a significant impact and this will continue to increase in the same way as the internet, which also began slowly. He feels strongly the only way for individuals, businesses and governments to meet this challenge is, instead of fighting it, embracing it.

He told euronews:

“The sharing economy is actually the next phase of the internet. The first phase of the internet, people shared information. The second phase people used social media and anybody can share. Now we’re here today with the sharing economy which is the third phase of the internet. People use the same tools to share products and services and it is actually a very disruptive trend to existing corporations, governments and businesses.”

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