EU heading in wrong direction, survey finds

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EU heading in wrong direction, survey finds

EU heading in wrong direction, survey finds
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Citizens from six European countries say the EU is going in the wrong direction, according to a survey by Gallup Europe.

The study quizzed at least 750 people from each nation that took part.

The majority said they would cast ballots if next year’s European elections were to be held now.

Yet large numbers of Germans, French and Britons say they are growing disenchanted with the EU.

Robert Manchin, managing director of Gallup Europe, said “people are uncertain about Europe’s ability to handle the most important problems” regarding jobs, social welfare and immigration.

“These are the most important questions and people think the political elites are unable to give an answer to this,” he told euronews.

Low levels of interest in the EU are nothing new. The last elections for the European Parliament in 2009 saw a record low turnout of just 43 percent.

However, one of the countries surveyed by Gallup said it would vote to leave the EU altogether.

The study found that 55 percent of British voters would back a UK exit, whilst 25 percent would vote to stay in.

20 percent said they didn’t know or wouldn’t vote.