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US Defence Secretary fires warning to China over cybercrime

US Defence Secretary fires warning to China over cybercrime
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The US and China spat over American missiles in the Pacific is nothing new. But this time, they’ve entered a new war of words – over cybercrime.

US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel set out his stall at Singapore’s Shangri-La conference: “The United States has expressed our concern about the growing threat of cyber intrusions, some of which appear to be tied to the Chinese government and military. As the world’s two largest economies, the US and China have many areas of common interest and concern, and the establishment of a cyber working group is a positive step in fostering US-China dialogue on cyber.”

But he was challenged to explain America’s recent military deployments to the Pacific by Major General Yao Yunzhu, director of the Centre for China-America Defense Relations.

Despite military tensions over the Pacific, Hagel reiterated that the US is determined to work with China and other nations to firm up cyberspace behaviour. The key, he said, was “continuous and respectful dialogue.”