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'Blockupy' Frankfurt tries to prevent access to European Central Bank

'Blockupy' Frankfurt tries to prevent access to European Central Bank
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Protesters are trying to block access to the European Central Bank in Frankfurt to show their anger at how the debt crisis is being handled.

The action has been organised by Blockupy – a European version of the Occupy Movement.

The group is blaming the ECB and institutions like Deutsche Bank for austerity measures in southern Europe, which are causing hardship for many people in countries like Spain and Greece. Blockupy will spend the day trying to disrupt the workings of these institutions.

“Our main goal is to show that the regime that is governing Europe through this crisis is neither democratically-legitimate nor acting in any responsible way for the people. It’s really working for profit. One of it’s symbolic places is the ECB – the place that has economic and financial reign over Europe,” said Blockupy Frankfurt Ani Dießelmann.

Around 500 people have set up camp on the outskirts of Frankfurt.

More protesters are due to be bussed in from other parts of Germany, Italy and Spain to take part in the protest.