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Blockupy Frankfurt return to the ECB

Blockupy Frankfurt return to the ECB
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Thousands of Blockupy supporters circled the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany. The of anti-austerity demonstrators surrounded other financial organs paralysing the area.

They hoped to cut off access to institutions they deem to be at the heart of the recession crippling eurozone countries.

Many workers were advised to stay home.

Later marching on Frankfurt airport, the Blockupy activists were greeted by police who used batons to keep them from disrupting Europe’s busiest air terminal.

Turning their ire from finance to German immigration policy, protesters held up banners welcoming refugees.

Some have accused the German government of refusing to take in significant numbers of Syrian refugees.

“We demand an end to deportations and an end to policies which created this crisis which makes people’s lives worse and worse. People are being sent into unemployment,” lamented Blockupy supporter Michael Somme.

The protests coincided with record Eurozone unemployment figures released on Friday.

EU-wide rallies have been announced for June 1. Blockupy have said they will surround the ECB again on Saturday.