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Jackie Stewart does one last lap

Jackie Stewart does one last lap
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When Jackie Stewart retired in 1973 he had won 27 Grand Prix and collected three world championship titles.

‘The Flying Scotsman’ returned to Cannes last week to promote the re-release of Roman Polanski’s epic documentary about him, first released 30 years ago.

Stewart explained how the film was born out of his close, personal friendship with Polanski and his wife, Sharon Tate.

“Roman and I were friends so we were hanging out together. I knew him very well and Sharon his then wife, who sadly died. I knew them well. He came to some races with me and he came to some race tracks with me too, to drive with me and me with him. So he was a keen enthusiast and I think he got the idea nobody had ever done it before. No one had spent one weekend with one person going through their entire experience of all the different things you have to do. I think he is such a creative mind that he saw things like that when nobody else did at the time,” he says.

The film gives an insight into Stewart’s life during one of the most deadly times in Formula One, when drivers such as Jim Clark, Piers Courage and Francois Cevert all died on the track.

Since retirement, Stewart has become a prominent and successful campaigner for increased safety measures, and has made a name for himself as an articulate and often colourful racing commentator.