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Israeli forces run drills for missile and chemical attacks

Israeli forces run drills for missile and chemical attacks
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Israeli forces have been carrying out attack drills as part of a three day exercise known as “Turning Point 7”.

The drills included simulated rocket, missile and chemical attacks on Israeli cities.

The exercises come amid the escalating situation in Syria and concerns over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

The drill was attended by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Chief of General Staff of the IDF (Israeli Defense Force), Lieutenant General Benny Gantz.

“We are living in an ever changing reality, and in order to counter changing threats, we are investing a great deal of effort in continuing a varied training,” said Netanyahu.

“We are acting with experience, wisdom and responsibility, preparing for what may come.”

In Jerusalem children took part in the annual exercise that aims to prepare citizens for a range of attack scenarios, including those involving unconventional weapons.

One student explained: “It’s important to have a drill so that we can be ready and it helps the kids to understand and to not be afraid.”

This week Israel signalled it was prepared to target Russian deliveries of air defense missiles to Syria, seeing them as a threat to the Jewish state.