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Syrian crisis hits Beirut as Hezbollah considers next move

Syrian crisis hits Beirut as Hezbollah considers next move
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The rockets that fell on Hezbollah-controlled southern Beirut appear to be the first targeted attack on the Lebanese Shi’ite militia since the start of the Syrian conflict.

It came hours after Hezbollah’s leader said his forces would help President Assad “whatever the cost”, and marks a dangerous turn for all those fearing the Syrian crisis can spill over into its neighbours.

“At about half past six in the morning, when I passed the church, I 
heard a bang and saw the explosion. Then another explosion 
happened 300 to 400 meters away,” said one local man.

Fighting has already spilled into Lebanon’s Bekaa valley from Syria, and into its northern city of Tripoli. Now the capital has been hit,
and Israel says it is investigating if a rocket that landed on its territory on Sunday was fired from inside Syria or not.

Yesterday was also a black one for Hezbollah on the battlefield, with a reported 80 fighters killed in the struggle for Qusair in Syria.