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Germany's Greens probe 1980s paedophilia link

Germany's Greens probe 1980s paedophilia link
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With federal elections in Germany less than four months away, the Greens hoping to gain more seats in the Bundestag by getting to grips with a controversial issues that has plagued the party.

The Greens have asked a prominent political scientist to investigate accusations that party members wanted to legalise paedophilia in the 1980s.

Some argue the party’s image of being a safe haven for radical ideas is what drew in people who supported sex between consenting children and adults.

Co-founder of Germany’s Greens and European politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit wrote in his 1975 book “The Great Bazaar” about apparent incidents between him and children .

Cohn-Bendit later said the statements were “unbearable acts of provocation”, the incidents were made up and he had never assaulted anyone.

Referring to the association with people who supported paedophilia, the Greens party manager Steffi Lemke said: “It’s a mistake. We deeply regret that these requests and debates were given time in the past. This is all we can say today. Therefore we came to the conclusion that we needed to have an independent scientist investigate this in detail.”

Decriminalising paedophilia never became an aspect of Green politics. However, Professor Franz Walter will look into how much influence pro-paedophile groups had in the party and for how long.