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Stockholm ablaze with youth anger

Stockholm ablaze with youth anger
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A fourth night of rioting in the Swedish capital saw groups of people, many of them young, setting fire to cars, breaking windows and clashing with authorities.

The violence, which began in the deprived northern suburb of Husby at the weekend, spread to several areas of the city on Wednesday, May 22.

The police made no arrests on Wednesday night, but spokesman Lars Byström said it was time to clamp down:

“We are much more on the offensive now to prevent and stop this, and if that is not enough – arrest people,” Byström said.

“We have earlier tried to avoid confrontations but we’ve realised that we were often being lured into situations where we were met with stones thrown at us,” the police spokesman continued.

The authorities said they did not know what was behind the violence – although youth unemployment and resentment among asylum seekers have been suggested as possible triggers.

The unrest began days after police officers shot dead a man in a Husby apartment. The 69-year-old had reportedly threatened to kill them with a machete.