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Rubens at the Louvre

Rubens at the Louvre
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A new branch of the famous Parisian art museum, the Louvre, opened earlier this year in the quiet French town of Lens, near the Belgian border.

Now the new museum is opening its first international exhibition, ‘The Europe of Rubens,’ which includes 170 works by the artist, by his models and by some of his contemporaries

Curator Blaise Ducos said: “Rubens lived in Europe at a time when, as you know, most people were born, lived and died in an area encompassing no more than a few kilometres. But the pieces we are exhibiting here show the exact opposite.

“They are the work of a well-travelled person. Rubens visited Italy, Spain, England, and Paris. He worked in Paris, at the Luxembourg Palace. He really had the most extraordinary life experience. In modern terms this makes him a model European. He distinguished himself from his contemporaries, by that alone.”

The exhibition includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and decorative arts. It represents the dynamism of Rubens’ inspiration and creative output.

The exhibition runs until September 23.