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Lebanon: Spillover of violence from Syria

Lebanon: Spillover of violence from Syria
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Anti-government fighters in Syria are continuing to clash with the army in the border town of Al Qusair.

It is some of the fiercest fighting seen in months in the country’s two year old civil war, which is now said to have cost over 80,000 lives.

Government air strikes and shelling have rocked the town as the two sides battle it out for control.

Syrian TV claimed scores of opposition fighters had been killed.

Strategically, Al Qusair is important. It is right on the border with Lebanon and the latest fighting has once again drawn the nearby city of Tripoli into the conflict.

With the death toll mounting, the Lebanese army has been put on the streets of two of the city’s neighbourhoods in an attempt to bring calm.

Supporters of both the Assad regime and sympathisers of the insurgents have been clashing even though the actual conflict is in a foreign country.

The city has seen sporadic violence since the civil war in Syria started, but residents say this latest upsurge is the fiercest yet.