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Cannes: The Past coming soon

Cannes: The Past coming soon
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Iranian director Asghar Farhadi’s film Le Passé (The Past) has been screened at Cannes Film Festival.

The film was shot in France and since the Iranian director doesn’t speak French, he directed the entire film via a translator. He explained, “I tried to not let it be an obstacle, I tried to change it into an opportunity and a challenge and to take advantage of it. At first there were many concerns about it and my team thought it might be risky but fortunately during shooting both I and the team turned it into an advantage.”

The film tells the story of a woman torn between her past life with her ex-husband, her new life with her husband-to-be, and the disapproval of her daughter.

Bérénice Bejo who was last seen in The Artiste and who takes the lead role in the film, said, “It was hard working with a translator but it also made it very creative because using a translator meant the director, technicians and the actors had to listen to each other properly. When the director talks you watch him and you feel his energy and then you hear the translation which meant we had time to think before answering.”

She also enjoyed being able to let off some steam: “I loved it, I had great fun getting angry with the children, acting with Elyes, who played Fouad, arguing with him… It’s great being able to explode like that on screen because I’m not at all like that in real life. So then all that negative energy inside me can get out via this character. It’s really great.”

Le Passé will be released in Europe this summer.