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Czech Republic nuclear bunker turns Cold War museum

Czech Republic nuclear bunker turns Cold War museum
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Shortly to be added to the list of Europe’s most unusual tourist destinations, you too will soon be able to experience some of that Cold War chill in this nuclear bunker in the Czech Republic.

Misov, some 60 kilometres from the German border, got its underground complex in the Khrushchev years, and now it is a museum to the folly of mutually assured destruction.

“There were only twelve locations in Eastern Europe and the only one that still exists for future generations to remember is this depot in Misov,” said Iron Curtain Foundation Chairman, Vaclav Vitovec.

Once one of the most secret places in the Soviet world, once upon a time it could have sheltered 80 nuclear warheads. There were two others like it in the Czech Republic, but this is the only intact one left.

“We knew that there was some base, army barracks, near here, but almost no-one suspected there were nuclear warheads here. Everyone knew there were some overnight flights but I think that even our top representatives didn’t know what it was.” explained Misov resident Milos France.

Since the fall of Communism the bunker has been used to store obsolete banknotes, and the bodies of German World War Two soldiers awaiting repatriation.