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Greek teachers call off 24 hour strike

Greek teachers call off 24 hour strike
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It is business as usual for secondary schools in Greece. With threats of arrests from the government should teachers not show up for work, they have had no choice but to call industrial action

It would seem strike fatigue is growing among austerity-hit Greeks. That lack of support combined with rifts within labour unions, teachers concluded that conditions were not appropriate for the strike to go ahead

It is a relief for Greek students as the planned strike action had coincided with the start of crucial end-of-term exams.

Students felt the pressure of having to revise with the uncertainty of whether the exams would take place or not.

The teachers may have yielded to government warnings but they remain angry at the proposals that face them.

The Greek Prime Minister, Antonis Samaras wants teachers to work an extra two hours a week and 4,000 transfered to remote schools where there’s staffing gaps.

For Euronews, reporter Stamatis Giannisis in Athens warned:

“The teachers decision to invigilate the exams, is by no means going bring to an end the bitter dispute between them and the government.”.