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65 million euros more EU aid to Syrians affected by the conflict

65 million euros more EU aid to Syrians affected by the conflict
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For those who have escaped the violence in Syria, this is where over 100,000 have taken shelter waiting to return home.

Whilst visiting the Zaataari refugee camp in Jordan, European Humanitarian Aid Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva announced that the EU would spend another 65 million euros to help Syrians affected by the two-year long conflict. It brings the total humanitarian funding promised by the EU to 561 million euros. But NGOs are still waiting for money pledged at a conference in Kuwait in January. Georgieva called for international authorities to pay up.

“First, we need to dig deeper and look into the future and know that that more and more will have to be done. If inside Syria, it is a matter of political solution to put an end to the fighting for the neighbourhood we can help stabilise it now. Two, as we do so, as we put in more resources, (we must) work hard to increase the efficiency of aid delivery,” said the Commissioner.

Over one million have fled Syria since the conflict began, concerns are growing over a refugee crisis impacting migratory flows in the region.

On top of that, the EU is set to revive failed budget talks next week, the fear is the axe could fall on development aid.