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Women harrassed as they pray at Western Wall in Jerusalem

Women harrassed as they pray at Western Wall in Jerusalem
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The Western Wall in Jerusalem has a new historical footnote, as Jewish feminists prayed legally for the first time at one of Judaism’s holiest sites.

Under police protection the Women of the Wall wore traditional shawls to pray at the female section. It follows a court ruling which overturned a ban on women performing religious rituals which Orthodox Jews say are reserved for men.

After 20 years of fighting for women’s right to pray at the wall, the issue continues to divide opinion in Israel.

Knesset Member on the committee dealing with holy places, Miri Regev was following the event closely.

“For me, as a woman, a traditional woman, it is hard to see women wrapped up in prayer shawls. On the other hand, I also understand that all citizens of the State of Israel want to pray at the places that are sacred to them.”

Calling the police ‘nazis’, spitting and throwing objects at the women, according to reports, hundreds of Orthodox Jewish protesters showed their anger over the ruling.

Three orthodox men have been arrested for disturbing the peace and two policemen were injured in the scuffles at the holy site.