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On Set: Bollywood On Location in London

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On Set: Bollywood On Location in London
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There was an unusual blur of colourful costumes as Bollywood danced its way into London’s Trafalgar Square recently.

A troupe of Indian performers dressed in brightly-colored saris practiced their routine before the cameras rolled.

The production is called “Anntar” and stars actors Sumeet Raghavan and Tanisha Mukherjee.

Actor Sumeet Raghavan said: “Well this is a story of this guy who’s come from India, that’s played by me, the name of the character is Addhi and he comes here on a scholarship to pursue his further his studies, and he’s caught in a dilemma of whether to go back or stay back in London. And he finds Thareni played by Tanisha, he falls for her.”

Actor Tanisha Mukherjee said: “I would say it’s a really nice slice of life film, which basically takes you on a journey of two people and how they basically come of age.”

This year, Bollywood celebrates a Century of cinema. The actors are proud of their industry’s success outside of India.

Actress Tanisha Mukherjee said: “The secret to our success if that we deal with human emotions and we deal with humans and all our stories are about families and people and that never changes, people are the same everywhere around the world. The values, the family, the sense of music, fun, excitement. It’s uplifting the cinema and that doesn’t change. You want to watch it anywhere.”

After London, the cast and crew will head to Puna in India to finish filming.

Meanwhile, Danish director Kristian Levring is shooting a western movie in South Africa. “The Salvation” is “an homage to the classic western, inspired by the Nordic sagas”, according to the director.

Kristian Levring said: “I have tried to make it as real as possible. So it does not look too much like decorations.”

The movie stars both Danish and international actors.

Director Kristian Levring continues: “When you send a Danish script to foreign actors or foreign investors etc, then you have a huge goodwill. It is built up over the last twenty years. “

“The Salvation” follows a peaceful settler who kills the murderer of his family, unleashing the fury of his brother, a notorious gang leader.

Mads Mikkelsen, Eva Green, Eric Cantona and Jeffrey Dean Morgan are some of the stars playing in the movie.

Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan said: “My experience thus far is that if I can just work with Danish crews and producers, and directors for the rest of my life, I will be happy. It has been a great experience. “

The film has just begun an eight-week shoot on location in Johannesburg, South Africa. “The Salvation” is set for release in Oct 2014.