Eurovision: the weird and the wacky

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Eurovision: the weird and the wacky

Eurovision: the weird and the wacky
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The Eurovision song contest is on its way again, the 2013 event kicks off on the 16th May in Sweden.

Since it began in 1956, several of the contestants have gained international fame, some for their singing and song-writing abilities and others for their odd or wacky performances.

Whether you laugh with it or at it, Eurovision has seen its fair share of entertaining moments. Here are some of the more bizarre events over the years.

1. When Aleksander Rybak won Eurovision in 2009, the Norwegian commentator delivered a pretty odd narrative, causing a stir in her home country. It seems the excitement may have overwhelmed her.

2. A funny accident or some pretty bad acting.

3. Two strange moments from a couple of Swedish presenters who can’t seem to get their words straight. According to the Swedes, these two comedians were making jokes that were bit lost on an international audience.

4. A stage invader joins in with the Spanish entry from singer Daniel Diges. After complaining it affected his perfomace, Diges was allowed to perform again at the end of the show. Following the stage invasion the odds on a Spain victory were cut.

5. Is it possible Ireland didn’t take this year’s entry very seriously?

6. Bearded ladies and helium…

7. Robotic madness

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