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What Maisie Knew is new

What Maisie Knew is new
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Julianne Moore is back on screens, playing an abusive mother in What Maisie Knew. Talking about her role, she said: “Her obliviousness to her situation interested me. If she were just kind of an absent and neglectful mother that would be bad, but what she is is worse. She’s wildly inconsistent in her behaviour toward the child, which is virtually abusive. It really is. So she spends time with her where she kind of smothers her with attention and love and then she kind of disappears.”

The film is adapted from a Henry James novella of the same name, written in 1897. But Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Lincoln in the film, said the story remained relevant today : “That was obviously Victorian England but I think it was Henry James’ reaction to what was happening in that society and how people were so self-obsessed and focused on their own careers or their own egos in a way, because this turns into a battle of two egos in a way, where they’re so focused on that, they forget their own child.”

What Maisie Knew will be released in the UK on 23 August.