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British football legends' shock at Sir Alex retirement

British football legends' shock at Sir Alex retirement
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If Sir Alex’s intention was to be the main topic of dinner conversation then he timed his retirement announcement beautifully.

On the day the 71-year-old told the world of his decision a group of British football legends had gathered in London for the launch of a new set of stamps commemorating the best players in the sport and all of them showed their huge respect for the Scotsman.

“It’s a bit strange to tell the truth, because I go into training and I stand next to the gaffer and we talk about all different types of things and he didn’t give me any hint that he was sort of looking to retire. So it is a bit of a surprise,” said former Manchester United colleague Bryan Robson.

Former Manchester United striker from the 1960s said: “Shock. I couldn’t believe it. I was with him last week in Manchester, he didn’t say anything whatsoever. I thought he would retire when he was 90. I thought that’s it, he would get to 90 and call it a day.”

Meanwhile Jimmy Greaves who played English clubs Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea as well as the national side said: “Alex had to go sooner or later, I suppose. Now is as good a time as any. He has been the best manager, he has been the greatest manager the game has ever known, there is no question about that, I don’t see how anyone can argue about that, and that’s from an Englishman talking about a Scotsman.”