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US: Amanda Berry's desperate 911 call

US: Amanda Berry's desperate 911 call
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Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight were released from a decade of captivity in the US city of Ohio – after Amanda made a desperate bid for freedom.

She screamed at the locked door of the house in which they were held – alerting neighbour Charles Ramsey who helped her break down the door.

Amanda then called the emergency services on 911.

Amanda Berry: “Help me, I’m Amanda Berry.”
911 Operator: “Do you need police, fire or ambulance?”
Amanda Berry: “I need police.”
911 Operator: “OK, and what’s going on there?”
Amanda Berry: “I’ve been kidnapped and I’ve been missing for 10 years and I’m here, I’m free now.”


Amanda was able to make that call after neighbour Charles Ramsey helped her to get out of the house.

Ramsey described what happened: “I see this girl going nuts, trying to get out of the house. So I go on the porch, I go on the porch, and she says, ‘Help me get out, I been here a long time’.

“So, I figure, you know, it’s a domestic violence dispute. So I opened the door and we can’t get in that way because of how the door is, it’s so much that a body can’t fit through, only our hand. So we kicked the bottom and she comes out with the little girl and she says, ‘Call 911’,” Ramsey continued.