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Russian activists rally for political change

Russian activists rally for political change
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A demonstration was held in Moscow on the one-year anniversary of an anti-Putin protest that ended in violent clashes with police and mass arrests.

The crowd was smaller and calmer than at last year’s rally, held when Vladimir Putin’s inaugurated as president for a third term.

Russia’s opposition may not be as mobilised as it was then, but liberal politician Vladimir Ryzhkov said there was still a lot to fight for.

“The mood isn’t great, but people are still coming out to show that there are thousands in this country who don’t agree with the human rights violations, the falsification of our elections, and the wrongful criminal cases brought against activists,” Ryzhkov said.

One protester explains why he came: “I don’t expect dramatic change. But water works away at stone and therefore, sooner or later, something will change thanks to the fact we all came here today.”

Russian police said 5,000 personnel had been deployed to oversee the event.