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Iran's EU envoy slams 'Israeli' airstrikes

Iran's EU envoy slams 'Israeli' airstrikes
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A top Iranian official has slammed Israel’s reported airstrikes in Syria as a breach of its UN obligations.

Iran’s ambassador to the EU Mahmoud Barimani denied that Iranian missiles destined for Hezbollah were the target.

He told students at Leuven University in Belgium that “It was not the case, actually that it was Iran’s missiles as it was propagated.

“With regard to what Israel has done, it is against the very foundation of the UN Charter. It provokes tension in the region further and is an intervention of a foreign country inside Syria,” the diplomat said.

Israel, for its part, has neither officially confirmed nor denied that it carried out any such intervention in Syria.

On Monday, a spokesman for EU policy chief Catherine Ashton said the recent developments in and around Syria were a matter of “great concern” and that they “risk dragging the region into expanding conflict.”