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Belgian town celebrates money for nothing

Belgian town celebrates money for nothing
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Authorities in the Belgian town of Zeldelgem have been rather disappointed at the public’s reaction to an appeal following a comical attempted robbery earlier this week.

Thieves had made off with the safe from a nearby private home containing one million euros, but were being chased by police. The town’s mayor describes what happened next.

“The thieves threw the vault out of their vehicle, aiming to stop the policeman, and immobilise his car. The vault then cracked open and most of the money flew out and spread itself over some 100 metres”.

Police have only recovered around half the cash, as residents rushed out of their homes to scoop it up. The Mayor set up a mailbox for people to anonymously return it, but an attempt was made to steal that, too. It is now being reinforced. The would-be thieves made good their escape and remain at large, and the police are not amused. But some in the town appear to be.

“Jokingly they say: I would have done it this way or that way to keep as much as possible. And yes, I might have done the same thing myself. I think everybody thinks that way,’‘ grinned a local bartender.